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IT Solution Evaluation and Selection

RGC professionals have fulfilled a variety of client objectives – replacing legacy systems, automating business processes, reducing inventory, managing materials, decreasing order fulfillment times, and many more. We have also achieved successful implementation with a variety of organizational structures and cultures across the globe by applying a diversity of custom IT solutions as well as well-known applications including, but not limited to, SAP, IFS, PeopleSoft, SCT/Banner, and DIMS. This powerful combination of intimate organizational knowledge married with our familiarity with a multitude of available solutions, makes RGC uniquely positioned to deliver on-target IT solution evaluation and selection.

Enterprise Communications and Change Management

Robinson Group Consulting can help its clients assure enterprise-wide acceptance and support of the IT solution by integrating a comprehensive communication strategy. Our IT professionals offer clients decades of demonstrated success in evaluating organizational performance, recommending structure and establishing new strategic direction. Our hands-on knowledge of every level of technology change enables our professionals to create communication strategies that positively impact all levels of management to create buy-in among all influencers of the initiative.

Interim CIO and Mentoring/Coaching

RGC can fulfill your CIO function on an interim basis with seasoned executives who can ensure that your strategic initiatives continue to make progress while we assist you in your search for a new IT leader. RGC rapidly integrates with your executive team to build a partnership between IT and the business and improve IT performance. We understand the relationship between your business goals and the technology solutions that enable them and can assess the current state of the organization and develop a plan to achieve the desired state.

RGC also offers CIO mentoring and coaching services, where you can tap into the decades of experience of our Principal, Alana Robinson, as you navigate your latest organizational and technological challenge. Whether you are new to your information management role, or your management has just handed you an enormous IT challenge, it benefits your company and your career to elicit the help of a coach or mentor to choose the right course.